Final Minute: Cornwall

2022 Municipal Election Coverage
Final Minute: Cornwall

Seaway News asked those running for City Council: tell our readers who you are and why they should vote for you.

Here is what they had to say.

RILEY, Jason

I am a lifelong resident of Cornwall. I am a husband, father, and a grandfather. I have been volunteering in our community for over 30 years. I work for a software brand at IBM where I manage some of our largest clients.

While campaigning I have spoken to many voters, and I wanted to share my position on some of the most common concerns.

I am against water meters at this time because I don’t think the city would see enough water conservation to warrant the price tag.

I am in favour of better fiscal responsibility within the city. We cannot continue to spend more money than we are taking in and passing the burden on to the taxpayers.

I am in favour of streamlining the permit process. We need to make getting a permit easier and more efficient for private developers and businesses.

At the end of the day Cornwall City council requires people to solve problems, big complex problems. I have built my career on being an excellent problem solver.

I would like to invite you to visit my website ( to learn more. I hope that you will consider me on October 24th.

Thank You


My name is Mark A. MacDonald, and I believe that we can do better. I’m a community activist and I’m running for a seat on city council. Here are my thoughts on a few of the Issues in this election.

BYLAW ENFORCEMENT. As Chair of the Renaissance Association, I’m working for a clean, safe, healthy and law abiding environment. The Renaissance Area is the main gateway to the Port Lands, if we want to attract tourists and new residents we need to do much better at bylaw enforcement.

WATER METERS. No, this should not be forced upon us, it could be grandfathered in for new construction, or on a voluntary basis.

BUILDING PERMITS. We need a process for expediting applications by having a “Fast Track” system for qualified contractors.

BUDGET/TAXES. A “Municipal Watchdog” could report directly to Council regarding areas of overlap and waste.


Fellow Citizens of Cornwall

I humbly seek your support in this upcoming election because I believe municipal politics matters. Municipal Government is the level of Government with the most direct impact in the daily lives of its citizens. From the time you rise in the morning to the time you rest in the evening you will be impacted by the decision taken by your elective representatives.

It is also a sad reality that to many of our fellow citizens fail to participate in the electoral process. Perhaps mistakenly believing that their vote does not matter. I would say to them as I tell you that your voice matters your vote matters. Your elected members of Council set policy, and decide what levels of service you will receive from your city government. The decision taken at the Council table determine how elections are held, your level of taxation, what programs are funded.

I am a candidate believing that one voice can impact those decision, I would come to the table with the experience, grit and conviction to work for the interest of all the citizens of Cornwall.

I would make a difference on issues such as water meters, elections, permits, housing, to name but a few subject.

I urge you to vote in this election vote, your voice matters, your vote matters, democracy matters.

LECLAIR, Christopher

Christopher Leclair was born and raised in the City of Cornwall. I am young, energetic and ready to represent the
constituents of Cornwall.

“Change is in your hands”

Will advocate for:

  • Action and development of the waterfront.
  • New affordable housing & a homeless shelter.
  • Explore options for the Cornwall landfill site.
  • Lower property tax.
  • Lower commercial tax.
  • Oppose the water meter system.
  • Sunday bus service if there’s a demand.

Stands for:

  • Transparency
  • Accountability for all gate keepers, bureaucrats, colleagues and out of control spending.
  • Fairness.

GOOD, Sarah

My name is Sarah Good, and I am running for a seat on Cornwall City Council. As a leader in the local non-profit sector, and a mother to a young blended family, I will bring a valuable perspective to the table. I am an honest and approachable person, with a strong sense of professional integrity.

I currently work in Human Resources for the Children’s Aid Society, and am Vice-Chair on the Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity. I have a passion for helping people and working to improve our community. My aim is to maximize external funding for community enhancement projects through grants and partnerships.

I plan to focus on bringing high-quality and accessible recreation, supporting affordable living and community services, and leading on issues of environmental sustainability. I am very grateful to have received a glowing endorsement from the Honourable Bernadette Clement, who has been a huge inspiration in this pursuit.

My sincere thanks to all the members of the community who have reached out with their questions, and to share their support and well-wishes.

For more information, visit my Facebook page @SarahGoodCornwall or website and please remember to VOTE on October 24th!

BAKER, Bruce

This election has demonstrated that Cornwall is at a crossroads. Down one path, we see the status quo, the old way of doing things that has worked a little, but has left much to be desired. Down the other path, we see bold ideas from fresh voices, people who don’t accept “it’s always been this way” as a valid answer. If Cornwall wants to become a better place to live, a place that can reach its full potential, then we as voters need to make the right choice.

I have the experience and the education to be that effective fresh voice on council. I’ve worked in private, not-for-profit, and public sectors. I understand policy because I’ve spent the last four years studying and developing it, I know how it works and how we pay for it. I believe in evidence-based decision making, not decisions to benefit my friends, but decisions that will benefit my community.

I have spent my whole life living in Cornwall, and I deeply love this city. I want to serve you and bring my knowledge and passion to council every session. I am asking that on October 24th, you vote Bruce Baker for Cornwall City Council.


I am grateful to be a citizen of Canada and of Cornwall. I seek to give back to this land we love, by helping to make our community an even better place.

Je veux aider à construire notre avenir selon l’exemple de Bernadette Clement qui m’a encouragé à me présenter. Je suis très reconnaissant de son soutien.

I seek a place at the table of our municipality. It’s time to renew Council with new voices who seek to be heard, new voices that love our community, and who seek to contribute with fresh ideas. Give me the chance to be such a voice.

I am a Research Scientist with the Government of Canada living in Cornwall with my wife and two children. I am a member of the Knights of Columbus and other community organizations and am very involved in organizing amateur sports.

Good government is serious business but in the end it must truly be based on a simple truth: Love thy neighbour.

With that love, with the right choices, with optimism, and with faith in ourselves, there are no limits to our future.

I will work wisely with others to get things done.

This is my solemn pledge.


Democracy always win! Please go out and vote. I have been contacted by a lot of citizens and there is an appetite for a change. I disagree with Acting Mayor Grant that said at the labour council that a change would be “disruptive”.

I have made my platform very clear, which is on Facebook (page) “Patrick Dussault, candidat comme conseiller/candidate for councillor”.

If elected:

- I will re-open the water meters deal if legally and financially possible. Water measures could be implemented now and would reduce the waste of water.
- I will place a motion to have 7 wards, a deputy mayor that would be a councillor at large, a mayor. This would reduce the size of council from 11 to 9.
- Freeze on the salaries of all members of the council for the term, as they voted themselves a 6.1% raise.
- 2 “task force” will be implemented to review all expenses (as we have a debt of 51 millions) and the other with the
issuance of permits.
- Better use of Cornwall Transit with promotions.
- Styrofoam needs to be recycled.

Remember that you do NOT need to vote for 10 candidates, you can vote for only 1. Please vote!


I am running for re-election on October 24th, and I believe the experience I’ve gained over the last four years combined with my willingness to work with all members of council and administration will allow me to effectively represent the residents of Cornwall around the council table. I’ve been able to be a part of relationship building with our neighbors in Akwesasne and the Counties of SD&G that will benefit the residents of our communities and will encourage both economic and population growth. I believe I am a voice of reason and can bring opposing sides together on contentious issues.

I was able to bring ideas like the “Pop Up Shops” that you see in the downtown to the council table, and with the support of council and administration, we made these Pop Ups Shops a very successful program. I am also a big supporter of other councillors’ ideas if I believe they will benefit the residents of Cornwall and will work to make them a reality.

A vote for Todd Bennet is a vote for responsible leadership, progressive thinking, relationship building, and a voice for the residence of Cornwall.


My name is Denis Sabourin, councillor candidate for the city of Cornwall.

I have knocked on countless doors in this municipal election campaign and listened to voters and their many concerns. Water meters, city services, taxes, busing, affordable housing, a new fire station, the future of our landfill site, baseball diamonds, senior’s programs, development on the waterfront, harbor lands, opportunities for our youth and a doggie park are just some of the issues raised.

Let me share with you an unsolicited text message endorsement; “And Denis, I’m glad to have your sign on my lawn! My thoughts about your candidacy if ever you thought they might be useful somewhere:

“I believe that he is a terrific candidate with an expert understanding of how all levels of government work, and even more importantly, he has a deep understanding of community needs. His experience will bring great ideas and projects that will help to attract people to our beautiful city.” Senator Bernadette Clement.

I am prepared to work on your behalf as part of the new council team for a strong, vibrant, progressive Cornwall.

On October 24, for transparent decision making and accountability at City Hall,

Vote Denis Sabourin.


I raised my children in Cornwall and currently I am working with Royal Lepage Performance as a Realtor. Throughout my entire life I have been involved in politics and volunteer work. I was a volunteer with the Catholic Immigrant services of Ottawa. In May 2019 I was Fundraiser and Coordinator of the Walk to Support for Children Treatment Centre in Cornwall. For the past few years I have been donating funds to a Maison Baldwin House in Cornwall. I am also a poet and writer and I have three books published in the Urdu language.

Everybody knows Housing is fundamental human rights. Affordable housing is very important to our community and we need a shelter home for the homeless. Also we need to make more programs to improve mental health in community. For Senior Citizens Support Services we need more personal support workers (PSW) to help seniors to stay in their homes longer by increasing independence and promoting health and safety. As Councillor, I will get the job done! I will prove that I’m more than ready for the job. I will work hard for the people of Cornwall. Please Vote for/ Pour Votez Abid Hussain October 24, 2022.


I am a former teacher with a long history of community engagement. I’ve served on the Boards of the Agape Centre and United Way and continue to work on the Cornwall and District Labour Council and the Cornwall Chapter of the Ontario health Coalition. On city council, I’ve been consistently progressive, supporting initiatives that promote growth and sustainability.

I was first elected in 2006, when our industrial base was dissolving, our economy was challenged, and civic morale was low. I’m proud to say I’ve been a strong member of the succession of councils that turned things around. We’ve diversified our economy, supported renewal projects in neighbourhoods, revitalized the downtown and undertaken major new developments.

Currently we have major housing developments underway, with 77 units going up at Ninth and McConnell and 144 slated for north Pitt Street, just south of the 401. And more. We’re working with upper levels of government to help those who are struggling and those who come here as immigrants get the support they need. Above all this, we’ve started to build a new relationship with our neighbours in Akwesasne, guided by the Truth and Reconciliation Report. We’ve just begun. I’m committed to keep it going.

HÉBERT, Carilyne

My name is Carilyne Hébert and I have been honoured to serve you as city councillor for the last 8 years. Other than being on council I am also the Executive Director for a small non-profit called the Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area and in that role, I led the development and now implementation of Vibrant Communities: Our Safety and Well-being Plan. Our region’s poverty reduction strategy.

My vision for the next 4 years is to collaboratively address the housing and homelessness crisis, focus on climate action and environmental sustainability, support our vulnerable population by being a strong voice for social justice and poverty reduction and continue to enhance our waterfront, arts, culture, and recreational programs.

Along with the passion I have always had for this community I now have the experience and knowledge to make change. I am ready to keep pushing our city to be more progressive and inclusive.

I promise to continue to lead, advocate and vote with my heart and to make the difficult decisions I am elected to make based on what is best for our city.

I hope that you provide me with the privilege to serve you for another 4 years.


My Name is Ryan Martelle, a life long resident of Cornwall who is very passionate about our City, I am a real, honest, and humble person, not a politician. If elected to city council, I promise to work tirelessly to represent the diverse needs of our citizens at the council table. The biggest asset I bring to the table is my ability check my ego at the door, I don’t have to be right, but WE need to get this right!

I will focus on the things I know from my professional life, energy savings, completing projects below budget and accountability.

Words are great, but I would prefer to be judged on my actions. I truly support local for everything I never order online. I did not add to our overburdened landfill or fill peoples recycling bins with, flyers, door hangers, posters and signs like all these other so called environmental stewards running for council.

Should I be fortunate enough to get elected, I will give back $10000 yearly of the salary to the community through donations with The Agape Centre, Centre 105 & Big Brothers Big Sisters Cornwall.

Vote for change, Vote for actions not words, Vote Martelle


I believe that I would make a excellent Councillor for a number of reasons. I have been a Councillor for 16 years spanning from 1991 until the present which gives me experience.

I bring some historical reference to council when we deal with problems. As a teacher at CCVS and a volunteer coach within the community, I have work with a variety of young people and their families with different socio economic and cultural backgrounds. In this capacity I believe I have gained an understanding of the needs of the City of Cornwall.

Finally, I am a lifelong resident who has committed most of my adult life to the betterment of the city.

DUPELLE, Maurice

My name is Maurice Dupelle and I have called Cornwall my home for the past 45 years. I am married to my wife Karen and together we have 3 beautiful children our Son Noah and Daughters Paige and Hannah.

I am currently the HR Manager with Community Living Glengarry and have been with them since 2010. I am the former owner of The Green Spot Restaurant in Cornwall. I am a director of the Big Brother Big Sister Board of Directors. I am also president of the Cornwall Bingo Sponsors Association which benefits 18 local non profits on a monthly basis. I am also Chair of the Agape Centre Soup Kitchen and Food Bank board of directors.

I have served you the resident on Cornwall City Council for the past 12 years and would welcome the opportunity to serve you for another 4 years.

Cornwall has grown over the years and continues to grow today.

When we are positive and work together good things do happen.

We must continue to work on:

  •  Affordable and accessible programs for our seniors.
  •  Maintain taxes.
  • Partner with senior levels of government and expand affordable housing.
  • Accessible programs for our youth.
  • Community Growth.


Every election is important but this one is critical.

Good things have happened over the last four years that I am proud to have been part of: Devcore unveiled a $1 billion plan to re-develop the Nav Center; several new firms have moved into the industrial park which is now full; Great Wolf Lodge, one of North America’s premier resorts, will build a state-of-the-art resort/water park; the port lands are being developed in partnership with Akwesasne; we closer to acquiring a large swath of waterfront from the federal government; and two new projects are being built by Cornwall Housing Authority that will add 84 affordable units to its inventory.

But inflation, high interest rates and a growing city debt pose serious challenges for the next council that must prioritize spending: Needs not wants.

During low interest rates the message was to borrow. In a time of high interest rates (and inflation) we need to find ways to borrow less, one of the reasons I voted against borrowing millions to install water meters.

Promises are easy but often difficult to fulfill. The one promise I make is to provide responsible representation just
as I have done during the last two terms of council.

PROULX, Mary Jane

My name is Mary Jane Proulx born and raised in Cornwall. My campaign is a awareness campaign for the feral cat crisis in Cornwall.

Cat rescues are spending thousands of dollars of their own money. And many elderly people are feeding a 5 - 10 cat colony. This is unacceptable!!

If the City can spend 5 - 6 million dollars on a Arts Center. The City can give another $20,000 towards the feral cat

A Vote for me is a Vote for the feral cats!


My name is Steven Robinson and I am a forty-one year old father of two boys and stepfather to three girls and I am a salesman for a local HVAC company. I’m looking to give back to a city that needs someone like me to care enough to right the wrongs.

I am running for city council because I believe Cornwall isn’t living up to its true potential.

Cornwall has been trapped in a cycle for nearly thirty years. The cycle I speak of involves a system run by the same councilors and the same leadership. The cycle has only a few winners, a few professional politicians and the rest of us live paycheck to paycheck and wonder why the city doesn’t improve. We need real leadership to stop the cycle. Cornwall needs to attract new businesses and tourism. Cornwall needs to be ready to partner with other levels of government. Cornwall needs to grow it population so it can grow its tax base and reduce its tax increases on its existing citizenship.

If elected to city council, I pledge the following: to improve access to our youth mental health services, to stop the plan of spending twenty million dollars on water meters, to remove bureaucratic red tape with our permit process, to repair our outdated infrastructure, to move forward with improvements to our waterfront and to build more affordable/cooperative housing.

Vote for me, Steven Robinson, and let’s realize Cornwall’s potential together. Thank you.

SCOTT, Stephen

While campaigning I’ve met many people, heard concerns, and new ideas. I often heard, “we need new people and new ideas”. As a resident who arrived in Cornwall in 2019 I bring a fresh perspective and will work to move our city in a positive direction.

During my career I was the acting president, vice-president of my union, and a member of the Collective Bargaining Team. I’ve coached football for many years and this year joined the coaching team for the Cornwall Wildcats. My wife and I were foster parents helping challenged youth find their way forward. I was vice-president of the Foster Parents Association and a Trustee for CAS of Simcoe County. Now I would like to put my resolve into showing that a new resident CAN and WILL make a difference in our community. My past activism and advocacy has given me a reputation as a fighter.

If I am voted onto Council I will demonstrate what WE are capable of achieving.

  •  No to Water Meters
  •  Low Income Housing
  •  Dog Park
  •  More for the Youth of Cornwall
  •  Attract Higher Income Jobs
  •  Greener Waste Management
  •  Public Safety


Syd Gardiner married with 3 very successful children. I am a 14 term experienced City Councillor in Cornwall.

Committee member Eastern Ontario Health Unit (Chair), Emergency Management, Senior Friendly Committee, Outside Agencies Budget Committee, Remote Workers Group.

Most important to Cornwalls future is affordable housing to piggy back on the two existing projects presently underway. We need to lobby both levels of Senior governments as Cornwall cannot afford to go it alone. Affordable housing will allow the city to bring in workers to fill vacant jobs. Cornwall must move towards diversity and inclusion to also fill vacant jobs using immigrant workers. Property Standards need to be addressed to help Cornwall become more attractive. Finally is the acquisition of our waterfront in partnership with The Mohawk Council.

Community Involvement

Coached junior b hockey 5 years, coached and managed a junior baseball team to two regional championships, managed the Sea lions swim club, Aultsville Theatre chair and committee 17 years, Taught retail course at St Lawrence College, advocated for injured workers taught by The Ontario federation of labor, will be inducted in The Arts Hall of Fame October 29th/2022 as builder and performing arts. For strong proven leadership, please vote Syd Gardiner October 24th

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