Glengarry Encore Explores Cornwall's Historical Sites

Glengarry Encore Explores Cornwall's Historical Sites
A group from Glengarry Encore, along with Museum Curator Brent Whitford, before a tour (Photo : Jason Setnyk)

On May 22, two groups from Glengarry Encore Education Centre visited several of Cornwall'shistoric sites, including the Historic SDG Jail, the Cornwall Community Museum, and the Saunders Hydro Dam Visitor Centre.

“We first went to the Historic SDG Jail, an amazing place to visit, and now we're here at the Cornwall Community Museum. Next, we'll go to the Saunders Hydro Dam Visitor Centre,” said Helena McCuaig, Chair of Glengarry Encore.

Helena shared her passion for history, inspired by a school teacher with United Empire Loyalist roots. “I always loved history and had a great school teacher from a United Empire Loyalist background who just told us all about the area's amazing history. Going to the museum, it's great to come and see the artifacts and have historians tell us about our past.”

Brent Whitford, Senior Curator at the Cornwall Community Museum, welcomed the group, saying, “There's no cap to learning, so anyone interested in learning is always welcome. I've been fortunate to teach two courses for Glengarry Encore, and we're capping off this year's contribution with a tour.”

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