Summer car show added to park schedule

Summer car show added to park schedule
2013 Kinsmen in Motion car show.

Another event has been added to a busy schedule of summertime events in Lamoureux Park - and this one will have car enthusiasts drooling.

The Kinsmen Club of Cornwall is putting together the 2013 Kinsmen in Motion Car Show.

The event will feature about 200 classic muscle cars, as well as a liberal dose of green vehicles being produced today by some of the large auto manufacturers.

The free event will also feature vendors and the like, throughout Lamoureux Park. The event is in addition to other summertime events including Lift-Off, Ribfest and Canada Day celebrations.

“Basically we wanted to bring another big event to Cornwall,” said Jody Archambault, chair of the car show, which takes place aug. 25. “We'll have classic muscle cars from the 1930s right up to present day.

“Hopefully it's going to be something that will grow every year.”

The show will also feature some live entertainment and a barbecue.

Archambault said the plan is to keep the show open open to the public at no charge, in hopes that dollars will be spent by patrons elsewhere at the show.

“Once people actually get down to the park, then the purse strings loosen a bit,” he said.

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