Official 2010 Municipal Election Results for Cornwall and SD&G

Joel D. Herrington

The 2010 municipal election for Cornwall and SD&G has come and gone. Many candidates for township council and school board trustee were acclaimed but in other areas, candidates were voted in by the narrowest of margins. Here are the election results for Cornwall, South and North Stormont, South and North Glengarry and South and North Dundas. The asterisk beside a name indicates he/she was acclaimed.


Nominated candidates for mayor

Mayor - Bob Kilger.

Councillors - Denis Carr, Bernadette Clement, Maurice Dupelle, Syd Gardiner, Glen Grant, Elaine MacDonald, David Murphy, Leslie O’Shaughnessy, Andre Rivette and Denis Thibault.

School Board Trustees – David McDonald (English Public), Ron Eamer* and Todd Lalonde* (English Separate), Lise Benoit-Leger* (French Public) and Michel Pilon* (French Separate).

South Stormont

Mayor - Bryan McGillis*.

Deputy Mayor - Tammy Hart.

Councillors - Barry Brownlee, Richard F. Waldroff and Cindy Woods.

School Board Trustees - Arthur Buckland (English Public) and Karen E. McAllister (English Separate).

North Stormont

Mayor - Dennis Fife*.

Deputy Mayor - Bill McGimpsey*.

Councillors - Lianne Acres-Hanna, Michael D. Casselman and Tammy V. McRae.

South Glengarry

Mayor - Jim McDonell.

Deputy Mayor – Ian McLeod.

Councillors - Trevor Bougie, Joyce Gravelle and Bill McKenzie.

School Board Trustee – Jonathan De Serres (French Separate).

North Glengarry

Mayor - Grant Crack.

Deputy Mayor - Chris McDonell*.

Councillors - Jamie MacDonald*, Eric MacSweyn*, James Picken*, Gary Shepherd* and Carma Williams.

South Dundas

Mayor - Steven J. Byvelds.

Deputy Mayor - Jim Locke.

Councillors - Evonne Delegarde, Jim Graham and Archie L. Mellan.

School Board Trustee – Greg Pietersma* (English Public).

North Dundas

Mayor - Eric Duncan

Deputy Mayor - Gerry Boyce

Councillors - Allan Armstrong, Tony Fraser and John Thompson.

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