Fleming college lockdown ‘scary' situation for Cornwall mother

Fleming college lockdown ‘scary' situation for Cornwall mother
Fleming College in Peterborough

By Adam Brazeau
CORNWALL, Ontario - A Cornwall mother was in a frantic state after learning her daughter had been locked down with hundreds of other students in a Peterborough college after a man was allegedly spotted with a rifle.

Local resident Jen Ellis received a startling Facebook message at 1:32 p.m. from her 18-year-old daughter Meagan Rose, a student at Fleming College.

“It was horrifying to read ‘Mommmmmy...im in lockdown,'” said Ellis.

The 38-year-old mother says her daughter sent several online messages detailing the incident as it progressed.

“I'm locked in a room in the learning commons. Guy with a weapon around school on Brealey or in the forest. 10 cruisers...two vans blocking driveways,” said Rose.

In an interview with Seaway News, Peterborough Lakefield Community Police (PLCP) said they received unconfirmed information from a single source that a male was observed walking up the Fleming College laneway carrying a rifle.

“Fleming College was placed in lockdown mode for safety of staff and students,” said PLCP Constable Keith Calderwood. “No other sightings have since been reported.”

PLCP and Fleming Security completed a check of the college and residence buildings.

Calderwood added: “At this time, it appears that the single source information is unfounded and the lockdown was lifted at 2:10 p.m.”

Ellis was more than relieved when reports came flooding in from Peterborough media sources and authorities at around 3:00 p.m. that the college was back in order.

“I was terrified. It's scary knowing your baby is so far away and you can't be there to protect her,” she said. I am definitely grateful my daughter is safe...and appreciate Fleming College for ensuring that.”

Rose is a recent graduate of Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School.

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