Community Volunteers Support Local Health Care

Provided by the WDMH Foundation

September means the first day of school – and it also means the first Board meeting for five new community volunteers. They are ready to get to work on the Hospital and Foundation Boards of Directors.

The Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH) Board is welcoming Louise Arsenault, Tyson Roffey, Brenda Toonders, and Bill Woods to the team. Trish Elliott is joining the WDMH Foundation Board.

“Thank you to all of the Board members who share their time and expertise and bring diverse skills to the table,” notes WDMH CEO Cholly Boland. “They help us fulfill our commitment to compassionate excellence.”

The new WDMH Board members are:

Louise Arsenault has been coming to WDMH since 1970 when she worked as a public health nurse visiting new Moms at the hospital. She also taught prenatal classes. Five years ago, Louise started volunteering with the WDMH Auxiliary and now serves as Co-Chair. She will represent the Auxiliary on the Board. “I had four of my five children at WDMH, including a set of twins,” says Louise. “I’ve always loved the hospital and I’m happy to give back.” Louise lives in Winchester.

Tyson Roffey has a long history with local hospitals. One of his first jobs was as a dishwasher at a Cornwall hospital. He served as a hospital executive at both CHEO and Sick Kids, with expertise in information technology. Being on the WDMH Board is a logical next step. “I put my hand up because I believe WDMH is a cornerstone of the community and I want to see rural hospitals grow and flourish. I want to help influence and guide that.” Tyson currently works at Nova Networks and lives in Greely.

Brenda Toonders brings a wealth of expertise in business, quality and performance management from both private business and homecare health settings. She currently works with the local Great River Ontario Health Team. She has lived in Winchester for 40 years and has always been a supporter of having excellent care close to home. She says: “I’m excited to contribute to WDMH and hope that my experiences complement the team.”

Bill Woods was born and raised in Metcalfe. With six kids and eight grandchildren, he says his family has seen first-hand how well-run WDMH is. “I played every sport and the WDMH team saved my life a few times,” he remembers. “Having the hospital so close by gives everyone peace of mind.” Bill worked
at IBM for 33 years and now works at Kyndryl Canada (an IBM spin-off). He brings advanced skills and experience in business management, strategic planning and quality.

The WDMH Foundation Board is also welcoming a new member. “Our Board provides oversight and accountability and connects the Foundation to our local communities. We are very grateful for their support,” adds WDMH Foundation Managing Director Kristen Casselman.

Trisha Elliott says she likes to raise money for good causes. Her interest in WDMH was heightened by the wonderful care that her brother received. “We knew there was something wrong and I was so grateful that Winchester took it seriously and got us the help he needed,” she explains. “When things settled down, I contacted the Foundation office to ask how I could help.” Trish is an ordained United Church minister and fundraiser. She has worked with The Ottawa Mission and the United Church of Canada, raising funds to support the community. Her whole family hails from the Seaway area. Trisha now divides her time between Ottawa and the Seaway.

Welcome and thank you to these community volunteers!

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