Ault Island breaking ground on 51-lot subdivision

Ault Island breaking ground on 51-lot subdivision

South Stormont will be the home of a new 51-lot subdivision. Pictured (from left) MPP Jim McDonell

By Adam Brazeau

INGLESIDE, Ontario – South Stormont will be the new home of a 51-lot subdivision.

Ahmad Bochor, owner of the Ault Island subdivision property, announced the project and said a website will be up next week with all the details (

Bochor said the lots start at $55,000 and are designed to support single-family homes. They will feature a two-car garage, are half an acre and larger and the subdivision will feature a common meeting ground – either a pool or tennis court.

The project's general contractor, Upper Canada Building Services owner John Hickman, said the subdivision will be located on the north lot of Ault Island and will abut the park land of the St. Lawrence Parks Commission.

Hickman said the land has been approved since 1988.

“Buy a lot, build it yourself or we'll build it for you,” said Hickman.

Directly from the lots, future tenants will be able to have access to the water for their boats or jet skis.

Bochor boasted that the site was situated in a perfect spot.

“It's unique living, not big city or small city,” said Bochor. “If you think of the area, you're close to a well-known golf course, a bike path, Cornwall, the states and a historic village.”

Hickman said the subdivision will be very private, spacious and the homes will be hidden by the area's forestry. He also noted the abundance of wildlife in the area for nature enthusiasts.

South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis was on hand to help with the ceremonial rib cutting along with MPP Jim McDonell.

“This is a beautiful area that will compliment the rest of the Island,” said McGillis. “We already have roads here, too.”

“South Stormont has experienced growth in the last few years and we're continuing,” said McGillis. “This will add to the tax base for our community.”

McDonell said a lot of the Ault Island area is not as well known as it should be for its superb location.

“Where else would you get a spot like this?” said McDonell.

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