South Stormont accepting nominations for volunteer awards

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By Shawna O'Neill
South Stormont accepting nominations for volunteer awards
From left, event sponsor Andre Pommier, Ken McDonald receiving the 2018 South Stormont Volunteer of the Year award and Mayor of South Stormont Bryan McGillis. Submitted photo.

SOUTH STORMONT, Ontario - The deadline to nominate a resident of South Stormont for the Fran Laflamme Volunteer of the Year Award, and the newly announced Youth Volunteer of the Year Award, is quickly coming up on Saturday, Feb. 1.

“In 2001, the Township of South Stormont created the annual (award) recognize exceptional individual volunteerism that supports the efforts of Council and also leaves a lasting impact on the lives of other Township residents,” read a statement about the award in an official Council document

The coveted award is named after the first President of the Lost Villages Historical Society. Laflamme was also known as the first to coin the term ‘Lost Villages' to describe the communities that were submerged during the implementation of the St. Lawrence Seaway.

“Fran LaFlamme is a former teacher, Township Councillor and the first President of the Lost Villages Historical Society,” said Kevin Amelotte, Director of Parks and Recreation. “She was widely recognized throughout the community for her volunteerism, as such the award was named in her honour.”

The application must detail what services were provided by the volunteer to a non-profit, as well as how this individual acted without intent of personal gain and performed beyond expectation. The amount of service hours volunteered, as well as how the individual's actions positively impacted the Township must also be specified.

This year will also see the first opportunity to recognize a youth in the community for their volunteer efforts.

“The recipient of the 2019 Fran LaFlamme Volunteer of the year, and also the newly created 2019 Youth Volunteer of the Year awards will be presented at the South Stormont Volunteer Appreciation Gala scheduled to take place at the South Stormont Community Hall on Friday, April 17, 2020,” said Amelotte. The event coincides with National Volunteer Week.

Last year, Ken McDonald was the proud recipient of the 2018 Fran Laflamme Volunteer of the Year Award.

“Nominations received and reviewed, within a five-year window and not selected for the award, will also be considered as part of the annual selection process,” read a statement in a Council document. 

Award nomination forms are available at the South Stormont Township office, as well as online here.

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