Seniors Dig into Gardening Project

Seniors Dig into Gardening Project
Karen Douglass Cooper led the Garden Project Info Session (Photo : Jason Setnyk)

Cornwall, Ontario - The Knowing/Growing Garden Project was unveiled at The Seaway Senior Citizens Club at 506 Pitt Street during an information session on May 7. Spearheaded by Project Coordinator Karen Douglass Cooper, the initiative features accessible raised gardening and flower beds designed to offer seniors the joy of gardening without the strain.

The project was funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation through its Resilient Communities Fund. During the session, Karen Douglass Cooper expressed gratitude towards the project's supporters. “I want to thank the Grants Committee and the Board of Directors of the Seaway Seniors who made this possible because it wouldn't have happened without them. I also want to acknowledge and thank the community partners who jumped in and helped.”

Local schools played significant roles in bringing the garden to life. Daniel Leger, a shop teacher at École secondaire catholique La Citadelle, detailed his students' involvement: “It was a very unique experience. We built these with a Grade 10 shop class. I had 24 students working on these boxes. It was a good first project at the beginning of thesemester to get them accustomed to the tools and the different machines we use in the shop class, and it was a good opportunity for them to help out the community.”

In addition, CCVS designed the garden, while St. Lawrence College is assisting with plant selection and community outreach, and Darleen's Kitchen Food Program will supply vegetables and herbs for the project.

Darnell Proulx, Managing Director of the Seaway Senior Citizens Club, highlighted what the garden means to its over 500 members. “This is a very exciting project for the Club. The new garden will provide opportunities for our seniors to plant, care for, and harvest garden vegetables and more. This project will provide healthy options and cost savings, while sharing knowledge between members on gardening, caring for, and preserving fresh produce.”  The project will include workshops on gardening, cooking, and canning.

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