Rylee Paquette Raises $2,050 for Angel Hair for Kids Program

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Rylee Paquette Raises $2,050 for Angel Hair for Kids Program
(Photo : Submitted photo.)

Rylee Paquette wants to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped her reach her goal! Rylee has raised $2,050.00 for A Child’s Voice Foundation – Angel Hair for Kids program. In July, she cut 12 inches of her hair to donate. She then started a campaign to raise funds from friends and family to send along with the hair donation. Additionally, her grandparents, Helene & Gilbert Paquette spent several evenings going door-to-door in their neighbourhood to help Rylee reach her goal.

A Child’s Voice Foundation uses donated hair for their Angel Hair for Kids program which provide wigs to kids who lose their hair during cancer treatments or due to other medical conditions.  You can visit www.acvf.ca for more information on the program.

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