Parish Rummage Sale Fosters Community Spirit

Parish Rummage Sale Fosters Community Spirit
Parishioners of St. Columban Catholic Church Carolyn Lebano, Jake Villemaire, Mary Cote, Teresa MacInnis (Event Organizer), Joe Kupina, Jean McDonell, Mary Grant, Valerie Rowe, Rita White, Darlene Brabant, and Frances O'Dair at the Rumage Sale. (Photo : Jason Setnyk photo)

The Cornwall St. Columban's Catholic Women's League (CWL) hosted a successful Rummage Sale at the Agora Centre on June 15. The event featured donated items for sale, a bake sale, and additional rented tables, promoting community engagement and environmental sustainability through reusing and recycling goods.

“This is a fundraiser for the parish and also a community builder. Because of COVID, we haven't had the opportunity to cometogether except when we attend Sunday mass. This is a great opportunity for people to come out, meet the rest of the parishioners, and have time to chat,” said Teresa MacInnis, the event organizer.

MacInnis highlighted the added features of this year's event: “This time, instead of just having a rummage sale, we included abake sale and allowed people to rent tables. Today is going very well; we are happy we had so many donations. We sold a lot of stuff today.”

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