Operation Safe Driver Week

By Richard Mahoney

The Ontario Provincial Police and the Ministry of Transportation (MTO), are joining police services throughout North America to crack down on dangerous drivers during Operation Safe Driver Week, that take place from July 7 to 13.

With almost 20 per cent of fatal collisions in Ontario Provincial Police jurisdictions involving transport trucks this year, the data paints a grim picture of how motorists have been sharing the road.

To date, 31 people have died in road incidents. Eighty-six per cent of the crashes were linked to poor behaviour on the part of non-commercial drivers. Commercial drivers were at fault in the remaining 14 per cent of the collisions. Speeding, following too closely and improper passing are among the unsafe actions behind transport truck-involved collisions every year.

The OPP and MTO will also ensure commercial drivers are keeping their trucks, equipment, loads and records up to the standards required by law, which also contribute to the safe movement of commercial vehicles on our roads.

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