Mayor’s Breakfast Update Highlights Strategic Vision for Cornwall

Mayor’s Breakfast Update Highlights Strategic Vision for Cornwall
Mayor Justin Towndale and CAO Mathieu Fleury before speaking at the Mayor's Breakfast Update (Photo : Jason Setnyk)

The Cornwall & Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a successful Mayor's Breakfast Update at the Best Western Parkway Inn on May 30, 2024. The event, sponsored by the Conseil scolaire de district catholique de l'Est ontarien (CSDCEO), saw a robust turnout of business owners, executive directors, and community volunteers.

Mayor Justin Towndale and City CAO Mathieu Fleury focused on the City of Cornwall's four strategic plan pillars: Housing for All, Community Connections, Achieving Net Zero By 2050, and Preparing Cornwall for the Future. Mayor Towndale expressed the importance of such engagements, saying, “Kudos to the Chamber for being proactive and encouraging this engagement. As council and elected officials in the city, we need to be engaged with our interest holders, businesses, and organizations.”

The Mayor emphasized the value of strategic planning and the need to communicate these efforts to the public. “Today, I'm talking about strategic planning. When I spoke last year, we had our strategic planning sessions. I thought this was a good opportunity to talk about it in a public forum for those who may not be following or haven't had the chance to dig deep into it,” Towndale added.

Mathieu Fleury echoed the Mayor’s sentiments and highlighted the importance of addressing business community concerns. “There are some areas this morning that will touch on, such as the strategic plan, particularly in an investment mindset, support businesses, and main streets, what we see in the changing economies, and where the city can support,” Fleury noted.

Cristian Urroz, President of the Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce, emphasized the Chamber's role in facilitating communication between the government and the business community. “I think it's important that the Chamber facilitates like a middle person... so that people from thecommunity or the business community, particularly our members, can get more insight into things happening around the city,” Urroz stated.

Jean Lemay, Chairman of the French Catholic School Board of Eastern Ontario, underscored the significance of community partnerships. “We're opening our schools and the school board to the community because our students will eventually come out of our schools and work in their respective communities,” Lemay said. “We think it's the best way to open up to the municipalities, especially Cornwall, which is a really big one.”

The event concluded with a Q&A session, where attendees could engage directly with the Mayor and CAO.

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