Hike for Hospice Triumphs Despite Rainy Weather

Hike for Hospice Triumphs Despite Rainy Weather
Dwight Grant led the hike playing the bagpipe (Photo : Jason Setnyk)

Cornwall, Ontario - Despite the rain on Sunday, May 5, approximately 100 participants and volunteers gathered at Carefor Hospice Cornwall for the annual Hike for Hospice event. The fundraiser, which takes place on the first Sunday in May, is a vital source of support for CareforHospice, which has provided end-of-life care to the community since September 2009.

Carefor Hospice Cornwall boasts ten beds and extends its care through outreach programs, supporting 192 individuals with end-of-life care last year alone. The Hike for Hospice event is a crucial fundraiser, with this year's goal set at $30,000.

Angela Labelle, Manager at Carefor Hospice Cornwall, emphasized the event's significance, saying, “At our annual Hike for Hospice, family members hike in memory of someone they have lost and collectdonations. It's just a great day to remember people that have passed.”

With umbrellas in hand, participants braved the rain to honour their loved ones and contribute to the cause. Angela Vaillant, a Hike for Hospice participant, shared her personal connection, saying, “They took really good care of my mom, who passed away with cancer on Easter.”

The event featured guest speakers, including MP Eric Duncan, MPP Nolan Quinn, and Mayor Justin Towndale, who highlighted the importance of Carefor Hospice Cornwall in the community. MP Eric Duncan reflected on his personal connection to the hospice, remembering two friends, stating, “It's a wonderful spot, it's a wonderful organization. We're lucky to have it.”

MPP Nolan Quinn echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the significance of hospice care for the community, saying, “Knowing that we do have an aging population in this area, the hospice is so important for ourcommunity.”

Mayor Justin Towndale praised the essential services provided by Carefor Hospice Cornwall, stating, “They (our loved ones) deserve to spend thelast days in dignity, comfortably, and with whatever support they need, and the hospice provides that in our community.”

Dr. Diane Poilly, Trevor Eggleton, and others at Carefor Hospice Cornwall addressed the crowd with remarks. Before embarking on the hike,participants did Zumba led by Josee Poirier to stretch. As the hike commenced, the somber melodies of a bagpipe player, Dwight Grant, led the way, echoing through the rainy skies. The event concluded with a BBQ hosted by the Kinsmen Club of Cornwall.

With donations still coming in, the final total will be determined at the end of May. There is still time to donate and support Carefor Hospice Cornwall by visiting their website. https://carefor.ca/donate-cornwall-hospice/

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