Fresh Finds at Farmers' Market

Fresh Finds at Farmers' Market
Kinsmen Matthew LeDrew, Darryl Adams, Chair Monte Yancey, and Market Manager Neil Benjamin at the Farmers' Market. (Photo : Jason Setnyk photo)

The first Cornwall Kinsmen Farmers' Market of 2024 took place on May 26 at the St. Lawrence College parking lot, featuring approximately 35 vendors. Kinsmen and Market Manager Neil Benjamin expressed his excitement. He said, “It's been absolutely amazing. We've had about 1200 people with an hour or so to go. We have many people coming back, returning vendors and returning patrons, and everyone seems to be having fun.”

The focus is on local. “I love that we're bringing things local into Cornwall, where we buy from friends, families, and neighbors. Local farmers and artisans make these amazing products,” Benjamin added.

Mike Merriam of Marrow and Spice and Roadapple Ranch from Finch, Ontario, shared his positive experience. “It's been wonderful. It's perfect weather, and we have 35 vendors, which is like a high from last year, so this market keeps getting bigger and better.”

He highlighted the offerings of the two separate businesses run by him and his wife, Kim. “Roadapple Ranch specializes in pastured meats free of antibiotics, hormones, or drugs. We also produce pastured and raw honey. Marrow and Spice are cooking products for specialty diets, sauces, spices, and things nobody else makes.”

The market runs every Sunday, from 10 am to 4 pm, until October 27, 2024.

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