Ainsley’s Rainbow Bracelets Raise $549 for Hospice

Ainsley’s Rainbow Bracelets Raise $549 for Hospice
Hospice Manager Angela Labelle with Ainsley Ladouceur showing off the stylish rainbow bracelets (Photo : Jason Setnyk photo)

Ainsley Ladouceur, a ten-year-old Grade 4 student, raised $549 for Carefor Hospice Cornwall after the recent loss of herstep-grandmother, Peggy. Inspired by Peggy's obituary, which requested donations or volunteer time instead of flowers, Ainsley decided to take action.

“I decided to start making these bracelets after I read Peggy's obituary,” Ainsley explained. “She said that instead of giving her flowers, we should volunteer or donate to the hospice. Peggy was very nice, caring, joyful, and very positive.”

Ainsley's rainbow bracelets quickly gained attention for their meaningful cause. “I chose rainbow because it's based on Peggy's life; she was so joyful and bright,” she said.

Angela Labelle, Manager at Carefor Hospice Cornwall, praised Ainsley's efforts. “I think it's amazing what Ainsley did,” she said, noting that it helps raise awareness about the Hospice. “Our focus this year is on youth bereavement and children's grief.”

Carefor Hospice Cornwall provides end-of-life care in a home-like setting to residents of Cornwall and surrounding areas.

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