What lies ahead: Psychic fair reveals hidden truths

By Adam Brazeau
CORNWALL, Ontario – Psychics, mediums, healers and seers gathered to give hundreds of people a deeper look into their own lives.

Inside a three-day psychic fair held at the Best Western Parkway Inn from Jan. 3 to 5, a few feet from a table of pendulums, mystic beads and crystal balls, a group of clairvoyant professionals answered the unknown.

“You can find out things about yourself you didn’t know from a stranger,” said Kalli David, 14, from Akwesasne.

An empathic psychic named ‘Debbie’ provided David some insight into her family through a tarot card reading.

For 27 years, the fair has made a stop in Cornwall as it tours throughout Canada, and Soundara Rajan, stellar astrologer and psychic consultant, has been an exhibitor for many. She said the expectations of psychics in 2014 compared to the 8os and 90s is more fixated on spirituality than palm reading and fortune telling.

“People want to know about the past life and to talk to dead people,” said Rajan.

Mediums – a psychic who uses spiritual energy surrounding the person being read to connect with the dead and living – have seen a rise in popularity in television causing the demand for more than a simple reading.

Rajan said people are looking for a real encounter between a psychic and a spirit.

“One of the things I do is connect to the other side,” said Kelly James, an intuitive medium since 1998.

He searches to make a connection with the lost loved ones of his clients. James asks people to come in open-minded without specific expectations. In his successful readings a small piece of the spirit’s personality will surface revealing intimate details otherwise buried.

“Sometimes that’s the coolest bit of evidence for them,” said James. “I try to get out of the way and pass the stuff to let people know they’re safe and OK.”

David John, event organizer and psychic, said the fair will work its way to Alberta and head back in June.

While in Cornwall, he read for a grieving couple. It was an emotional ordeal that was both painful and a cathartic release.

“We just a lost son and before I could tell him he interrupted me to say it first,” said Paul (who asked to keep his last name private). “Coming here helped in some ways.”

John, the clairvoyant with 50 years experience, was glad to see over 100 people attend each day of the fair. Their next stop is on Jan. 24 to 26 in Ottawa at the Chimo Inn on 1199 Joseph Cyr Street.

For more information, visit www.esppsychicfair.com.

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