Potters unite for Alzheimer Society at Marlin Orchards

SOUTH GLENGARRY – The art of ceramics is being celebrated at a popular event wrapping up on Monday evening that benefits people with Alzheimer's.

Experience 22 potters at the annual Country Harvest Pottery & Art Show Sale at Marlin Orchards and Garden Centre (off County Road 2 at 6864 Orchard Road) from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on October 12.

“It's important this tradition continues to keep people aware of what can be created from the hands of a potter, starting with a lump of clay,” said event organizer Ann Marlin, who has been a potter for over 35 years. “This is an ancient art and is worthwhile keeping alive in Cornwall.”

Plenty of shopping is available, as potters give live demonstrations in a spacious greenhouse, with items like sturdy kitchenware, elegant sculptures, unique jewelry, and art pieces. In addition, for the second year, local creative force Jacqueline Milner is showcasing her paintings.

“A very important part of the show has always been fundraising for the various local charities in the Cornwall area,” said Marlin. “Each participant has always donated a piece of their work, which goes to a silent auction table.”

This year's Country Harvest Pottery & Art Show Sale, a local ceramic celebration for nearly three decades, will support the Alzheimer Society of Cornwall & District.

All funds from the silent auction will go directly to the Alzheimer Society to help provide family support, peer support groups, adult day away programs, education sessions, First Link, and support to research.

“What is so nice is that, the artists and the community have always been very supportive and generous to the charities chosen over the years,” said Marlin.

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