Gamers take their show on the road

Gamers take their show on the road
From left are Dave Lalonde and Mike Pliss of Mobile GamerZ

This isn't your father's arcade house. In fact, your father might be scared to set foot in this thing at full volume.

Michael Pliss and Dave Lalonde, a pair of self-confessed video game nuts, have jumped on the technology bandwagon - and brought a trailer with them.

The Cornwall entrepreneurs have created Mobile GamerZ, the latest in mobile video game play. They have invested close to $100,000 and filled a 24-foot trailer with four big-screen TVs, a sound system with more about 1,400 watts of total power and an arsenal of video games and platform systems to take just about any party to the next level.

In an interview with Seaway News more than a few curious passersby had to stop for a second look after the system was cranked up to full volume.

“Everything you read about becoming an entrepreneur tells you that to be successful you should work at something you enjoy. I love video games,” said Pliss. “Video games are extremely popular, so the next step was to create a business with video games, but it had to be something out of the ordinary.”

There's room for 16 people to play online, or against each other. Mobile GamerZ has already been booked for some parties and other public events, including Lift-Off.

Lalonde said the trailer is much like a mobile theatre.

We are self powered and five minutes after we arrive, we are ready for your event,” said Lalonde.

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- With files from the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre

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