Mayday Mayday or SOS “Save Our Souls”

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A lot of concerned Cornwallites attended an presentation on “Human Trafficking” by Det. Constable Stephanie Casselman and an “anti human trafficking trauma therapist” Dominique Dufour of Victim Services. Cornwall is considered a hot spot, because of the close location to a major highway 401 which can traffic these girls quickly east or west.

So why would any SDG high school refuse such a presentation that would let them be aware that this is happening in our town, near high schools? Not long ago. St Lawrence College was suspected of a potential trafficker speaking to our female students.

Beware and share this information to everyone, but especially our young, naive girls.

Denise March, founder of “Beacon Bags’ Would never refuse, not Constable Casselman & Dom. Dufour, to do a presentation to an auditorium full of students on this topic, preferable before end of school yar.

Emily Bourgon

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