WEEK OF MAY 19 TO 25, 2024

The luckiest signs this week: Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius


You must put your feelings aside during negotiations to guarantee a positive outcome. It will also be essential to respect laws and regulations closely to avoid potential problems.


You’ll have a heavy workload at the office this week, leaving you little time to breathe. If your health isn’t at its best, you’ll need to rest to regain energy and face the challenges life throws you head-on.


Completing a challenging task could reveal hidden talents and fill you with pride. However, your family might create stressful situations, making coping harder.


You may spend part of the week at home, renovating your space or moving spontaneously. Household chores could take up all your time. A family member will need your help.


Your discretion will be put to the test. If you know certain secrets, you could find it challenging to keep them to yourself, risking unwittingly revealing sensitive information. Position yourself to receive information rather than give it out.


This is the ideal time to consider buying or selling a property. You’ll be surprised to discover that you have the means to reach your ambitions. Affection is necessary in a happy relationship.


You may feel unstable at times this week, but you’ll know how to make decisions and solve problems when faced with challenges. You may be surprised to find that people respond positively to your call.


Your creativity will peak, and you could create an artistic masterpiece. An exhibition or show could impress you and give you an unforgettable moment. You’ll be generous.


You’ll have an active social life this week. Many of your friends will want to meet up at the same time. You’ll take part in important events and engage in enriching and sometimes very revealing conversations.


The opportunity to start your own business could present itself. You could also take a big step forward in your career by getting promoted to a leadership position. You’ll take on this new role until retirement.


You could be told something confidential or discover a secret. You may have to decipher a message in a foreign language at work or receive a particular comment from your partner.


You may feel nervous or excited, possibly caused by tears of happiness. It could be due to a significant achievement of one of your children, such as taking their first steps or graduating, which will make you incredibly proud.

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