WEEK OF MAY 5 TO 11, 2024

The luckiest signs this week: Gemini, Cancer and Leo


Take time to rest to regain your energy and enthusiasm. You’ll follow your intuition to discover a new spiritual path, pushing you to adopt a more exciting lifestyle.


Your vivid imagination could lead you to undertake a successful artistic project. Make an effort to arrange a festive get-together with your friends. It will be well worth it. Be mindful of distractions at work.


You’ll be tasked with organizing a social event or an important meeting as part of your job. You’ll overcome your shyness and discover your more extroverted side to excel in this role.


You’ll be given new and stimulating responsibilities at work. These tasks will allow you to discover and develop skills you didn’t know you had, leading to a raise in the coming weeks.


You’ll be given the opportunity to embark on a surprising adventure, such as a spiritual journey. This experience will broaden your horizons and guide your personal and professional development. It could also reveal itself through a sporting activity.


You’ll be filled with a range of emotions that will lead you to a significant transformation. Consider making drastic changes, such as moving to a new home, exploring new horizons or changing jobs.


You’ll be faced with an agonizing choice. Think carefully before deciding. Rushing into a decision you have to reconsider is a waste of time. Balance is the key. Know how to weigh the pros and cons.


You’ll have a lot of work to do this week. You could be entrusted with a confidential file with a significant financial payoff. You could also consider starting your own business, which will be very rewarding.


You may experience love at first sight and connect with a potential soulmate. You’ll have an instant connection. However, family considerations could complicate things before fully investing in the relationship.


Watch what you say, especially around certain people who can’t hold their tongues. You’re planning a move and will spend time decorating to personalize your new space.


Someone may tell you a confusing secret. You’ll wonder whether revealing it to the people involved would be the right thing to do. You may need to re-evaluate your circle of friends, especially if debt or betrayal are involved.


Getting a promotion could solve some of your financial problems. Having a conversation with your boss could lead to this advancement, paving the way for a more promising future. Talking to your better half ensures you’re both getting what you want from the relationship.

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