Pierre Giroux debuts new exhibition ‘Trails of Light’  at Cline House Gallery

provided by Cline House Gallery
Pierre Giroux debuts new exhibition ‘Trails of Light’  at Cline House Gallery
Pierre Giroux

The Cline House Gallery is excited to announce the opening of ‘Trails of Light’, a new collection of paintings by celebrated local artist Pierre Giroux.  Renowned for his evocative and luminous depictions of interior spaces, this exhibition marks a captivating shift as Giroux turns his gaze to the exterior realms of nature. The exhibition opens May 9th with an artist reception at 7pm and will continue through June 15th.

Pierre Giroux, a beloved figure in the Cornwall art scene, has enchanted art lovers across the country with his unique ability to capture the interplay of light and mood within both grand historical settings and serene, forgotten spaces. ‘Trails of Light’ extends Giroux’s exploration of luminosity but transitions from the backdrop of enclosed spaces to the sprawling expanses of forest trails surrounding Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry counties.

In ‘Trails of Light’, visitors can expect a series of paintings that celebrate the ethereal and transient effects of light as it filters through trees, illuminates hidden paths and highlights the delicate interplay of shadow and colour.  These works promise not only to showcase Giroux’s mastery of light but also his profound connection to the natural landscape of our region.

“Though I have always been drawn to the stories enclosed within walls, the forest trails and their infinite narratives of light and shadow have recently been calling to me. This show is a personal revelation, and I invite everyone to join me in experiencing these trails as vividly as I have”, says Giroux.

The gallery invites the community and art lovers from all regions to meet the artist at the opening reception May 9th, 7pm. Guests will have the unique opportunity to hear directly from the artist about his creative journey and the inspiration behind his latest works.

‘Trails of Light’ runs from May 9th to June 15th  at the Cline House Gallery, Cornwall, Ontario.  For more information about the exhibition and gallery hours please visit www.clinehousegallery.com or contact 613-932-1823.

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