National Equal Pay Day

National Equal Pay Day
Equal Gender Balance And Parity. Job Pay Equality

April 9 is National Equal Pay Day.

Everyone knows that it’s the 21st century! Now isn’t it time that modern humans finally set this ‘women aren’t paid equally’ nonsense behind them and just give equal pay for equal work? That’s what National Equal Pay Day is all about.

Throughout the last century, there has been an ongoing and active fight to solve a problem that has existed far longer than that. Women have, ever since history and work began, been paid lower wages for doing the exact same job. And the gap gets even wider when women of color are considered in comparison to white men.

National Equal Pay Day encourages people to get out there and fight for true employment equality for everyone, no matter their gender or the color of their skin! Isn’t it time people were paid what they are worth?

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