Indigenous Condolence Ceremonies taking place at SLC postponed

Indigenous Condolence Ceremonies taking place at SLC postponed
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St. Lawrence College (SLC) is informing the communities it serves that the Condolence Ceremonies originally planned to coincide with the total solar eclipse occurring on Monday, April 8 are being postponed.  

The Wiping the Tears: From the Shadows to Reconciliation Condolence Ceremony planned for Kingston, Brockville, and Cornwall campuses will be moved to a date in the Fall of this year. SLC is opting to move the ceremony to a time when all can attend without being impacted by potential travel delays or interruptions to college operations due to the eclipse. Information about the new ceremony will be shared with those who registered when the date is known. 

SLC recognizes the importance of acknowledging the shared grief held by the College’s community when it comes to historical discrimination and harm experienced by Indigenous peoples from the actions of colonial settlers. SLC is dedicated to facilitating a process of healing and reconciliation as part of an ongoing journey to educate and participate in truth and reconciliation. The wider SLC community is still invited to share their stories of truth, grief, or reconciliation and place them in baskets found in each SLC campus library. The baskets and their contents will be used in the ceremony.

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